Be a Real Housewife of Charlotte with this mobile hair salon.


Styles in the Clutch is an on-demand on-location beauty service. Calling themselves the "Uber for the Beauty World," customers are able to book appointments anytime and anyplace in the Charlotte area and the Clutch Professionals will travel to you. Clutch professionals have traveled to homes, offices, photo shoots and even hospitals. 

Speaking of hospitals, that's where co-founder Arianna Henderson thought of the idea.  

In her words... The idea came about when our co-founder, Arianna Henderson, was going through a really rough pregnancy to the point where she barely left the house unless it was to go to work. As a result, her appearance was greatly effected. After she delivered her son, a photographer came around to take photos but she was horrified of what she saw of herself in the mirror so she refused to get in any of the photos. Arianna didn't have anyone to call to come to the hospital to make sure she was camera ready. Once she left the hospital, motherhood really hit her hard and she realized leaving her breastfed baby for a couple of hours to go to the salon was not an option. After talking with other new mothers and business women, she realized it was a common issue for most women to try and find a couple of hours to take out of their schedule to visit the salon. Arianna constantly kept thinking wouldn't it be great if getting your hair done was as easy as ordering an Uber. That is when she realized there is no reason why it shouldn't be that easy. Once she brought the idea to Khiara, Andrew, Kelvin, and Marcus they all agreed with the idea and at last Styles in the Clutch was created. 

Now every women will have the luxury of having their hair and make-up completed in the comfort of their own home without inconveniencing their schedule. You can book your next appointment now at