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Newly single and ready to get out the house, I grabbed my best girlfriends and hit the scene! Dropping in every club, lounge, bar, brunch, festival, event weekend from the east coast to the west coast and abroad. From sun up to sun down, we partied any (and just about every) night of the week! Turning up from brunch to the day party, from the day party to the club and then the after hours spot. Dancing to the mixes of the best DJs in the world, we celebrated anything and solved everything with a simple two step and some stiff drinks. We turned up for birthdays, new jobs, long overdue breakups, the finalized divorce, more birthdays, in town guests, TGIF, we’re alive and just because. It was great, until it came to a screeching halt.

One might say the crew grew apart. One might say the scene got old. Some of us fell in love and just… fell off. And the remaining few, relocated to Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Miami. I refused to see it as it was happening, but then it finally became a reality; everyone was gone. It was officially over. And while I loved my city, I quickly grew tired of it. It wasn’t just because my friends were unavailable (by choice or location), it was because in our span of party hopping we had done absolutely everything! And while the party girl in me still existed, even with the new crew, the scene was getting rather boring.

I aspired to move to a new city long before, but things didn’t go the way I planned. Eight years passed, and for obvious reasons, the thought to relocate crossed my mind again. Besides there was nothing holding me back but nerve. After weighing everything, I gathered enough courage to do it. I just needed to pick the location. I narrowed my choices down from 12 cities to 3; Atlanta, Charlotte or Raleigh. Atlanta had grown in population over the last decade, with the high-ranking traffic flow to prove it. While I could get use to the traffic, I’d miss the quick weekend getaways to visit friends living there. Raleigh seemed ok, except that it would’ve been a major culture shock from the thriving city I’m deserting. Charlotte seemed to be the sweet spot. The decision was made.

I had arrived! I figured out how to navigate I-85, I-485 and I-77. I quickly learned my way around uptown via Trade & Tryon as well as I-277. I embedded myself in the Charlotte culture, embracing the Southern hospitability I was welcomed with and I quickly made new friends because of it. Everything was going surprisingly well. The initial shock was over and I was finally at ease in my new zip code.

So another Friday came around, and my new friends and I are in a group chat trying to decide where to go later. We searched through Instagram, Facebook, Eventbrite, Meet Up and the venue’s websites every Friday trying to gather accurate information. At first it was fun to see what was out there. Sifting through flyers, cross checking each platform for more details and chatting with promoters. We were like party scavenger hunters! I mean, what else could we do? We were all new to Charlotte and didn’t know the scene well at all. But I kept wondering, well worrying, about how I’d I keep my job when I’m searching for “the move” from lunch until quitting time? There’s got to be an easier way!

We wanted in! We needed in! We had to know where we should be and when! What’s the hottest club in the Queen City? Where’s the trendiest lounge? Who has the best bartender? Is it good for girl’s night? Or is it better with the boyfriend? We needed answers! And if you’re new to Charlotte like I am, you’ll want answers too!

So we have made it our purpose to venture out and find you the best in urban lifestyle and entertainment.

Zabrina @itszabrina
– We are Charlotte In Crowd! “You want in?”


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We are Charlotte In Crowd…

Charlotte In Crowd is an urban lifestyle & entertainment media 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization in Charlotte NC.

We launched in May 2017 with a focused intent to share what Charlotte has to offer to the urban community.  And since our inception, we've done much more than planned.

We've photographed many visiting celebrities, our congresswoman, our mayor and a host of others celebrating Charlotte culture. 



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