Well…45 Said It’s Okay To Do It

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So my hubby sent me a message this morning. It was a link to story about Matt Lauer being fired over complaints of “sexual misconduct”. I was actually kind of hurt. He always came across as decent and funny. But he’s been walking around grabbing women by their nether regions too. Shout out to 45 for making it officially okay to do so.

So what is this “sexual misconduct” that is running rampant and getting so many men in trouble? I wasn’t sure so of course I Googled it. Google said that Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and any conduct of a sexual nature that is without consent, or has the effect of threatening or intimidating the person against whom such conduct is directed. That’s a BROAD scope if you ask me.

So what did Matt Lauer do and why won’t the media be specific? And not just Matt Lauer. R. Kelly. Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. What are they doing and or saying? The media is quick to give the gory details of a murder or vivid details of a serial killer, but they throw out that sexual misconduct label and leave us to our own imagination. And with an imagination like mine that’s not always good. I’m sitting here wondering if Matt Lauer slapped a poor intern across her cheek with his breakfast sausage. Who knows? I sure don’t!

If he was Matt Lauer who worked at Jiffy Lube and was behind on child support, the media would crucify him and lay out all the sordid details of his misconduct. And then throw him under the jail. But because he’s Matt Lauer of the Today Show, he gets a pass. I guess he just grabbed the wrong boob. Fire him and slap him on the wrist and let’s move on.

So is this our norm now? Your station in life dictates your punishment for your crime? Well yeah! Duh! Money talks and bullshit walks. The rich and famous don’t go to jail. They go to rehab. Only working stiffs get punished for real and spend major years in jail for minor crimes. Sad, but typical.

I say tell us everything. Matt Lauer or Joe Schmoe. I want to know everything. Don’t throw out these vague criminal charges for these million dollar celebs. Tell us what he did so we can hate him with a clear conscience. Treat him like Joe who works at the tire shop down the street. Becase at the end of the day, Matt Lauer has to sit to take a shit just like I do. He’s probably doing so on a very expensive toilet, but still…you get what I’m saying. Let’s be fair. If we can.

L. Thompson