Things That Make A Nerd Smile

When I was given the list of topics I immediately thought about doing something controversial and in-your-face like the ongoing NFL protest. Or how our President stays on Twitter beefing with dictators, celebrities, and fathers of basketball stars. And then I said, Nah. That’s gonna make me think too hard. So I fell back on something simple, something that I love, and something that a lot of people can relate to and something that comes natural for me to write about…books and movies. And with me being a nerd who loves to read and a movie lover, I immediately thought about the last good horror movie I saw. And that was “It”.

“It” is a movie based on the same-titled novel by my absolute fave author, Stephen King. The novel was released in 1986 when I was 11 years old. I remember my mom buying the book but she did not let me read it. She said that it was too scary for me. I was 11. I could take it by gosh! Mom hid the book from me. I didn’t get to read “It” until some years later.

In 1990, “It” was made into a two-day movie that aired on ABC. I was now 15 and determined to read that book before the movie aired. I found a copy at a flea market, went home, and dived right in. And it took me a good two weeks to read that book and I’m a fast reader. I can finish a 300 page novel in a day if it’s a page-turner. But it was creepy and scary. I would be reading alone in my room and get too scared and throw the book behind my bed, and then watch and make sure that the book didn’t climb back onto my bed. Then when I felt brave again I would push my bed over and fish the book back out. I finally finished it with a prominent yellow streak down my back.

Fast forward to present day, September 8, 2017 to be more specific. The remake of “It” is released in theaters, exactly 27 years later. For those familiar with the book, you know that Pennywise wakes up every 27 years to prey on children and consume them. Insert fearful shivering here. My friend and I were front and center on September 9th, popcorn in hand, ready to be terrified. And “It” did not disappoint.

Now mind you there is a difference between gore and creepy. This movie didn’t contain a bunch of bloody, gruesome deaths. No eviscerated corpses or heads being lopped off. This was pure, old-fashioned creepiness. Doors creaking and the killer clown is to the left and not the right. A hand coming from nowhere and grabbing your arm. A dancing clown who’s salivating at the thought of eating a terrified 6 year old boy in a yellow raincoat. I screamed. I covered my face. I fainted in fear a few times and almost spilled my popcorn

As a fan of Stephen King, the 2017 remake did not disappoint. I was as scared watching the movie as I was reading the book back in 1990. I was elated. This is the stuff of a nerdy girl’s dreams. A book coming to life. What could be better? Maybe having some cupcakes with that book. Yeah. Cupcakes and a Stephen King novel sound divine.

L. Thompson

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