We Call Them Pigs But Are We Apes?


Let's spare ourselves of the emotional sound off of names of black men who have died from justifiable homicide. I just want to share one experience that got me thinking.

I exited the ramp on 85-S and proceeded up the incline. My GPS instructed me to turn left onto Nunya Ave (none of ya damn business, I ain't no snitch!). I was next up to turn when I noticed the cop's sirens flashing. I look up and there's a white cop struggling with a black man. When I say struggling, I mean STRUGGLING. This cop is trying to detain the young man who single handily drags the cop left, right and left again. All while talking on his cell phone, yelling "get off of me" to the cop and pulling away violently. Finally, the two tumble over onto the sidewalk. 

All drivers on the exit ramp and main road (in both directions) have got out their cars to record this incident. I stayed in my car. My car will shield me from flaring bullets far better than the wind. But I'm nosy as hell, so I roll down my windows and I can hear a disgruntled crowd blurting obscenities towards the cop.  With the flow of traffic has came to a screeching halt because everyone wants to be Spike Lee. I no longer wanted to watch or participate in recording, 23 mins had past and I just wanted to go! But the car in front of me refused to move and the driver to my left had exited his vehicle to get a better angle. I was trapped!

There's been so much anxiety and anger surrounding deadly routine traffic stops, with our black men as the driver or passenger. We are on heightened alert and extremely sensitive to this typical part of an officer's day. The part of a cop's day that quickly turns into a shoot out. But unlike the wild, wild west, one man is unarmed and defenseless. However, this man... this guy is blatantly resisting arrest, whether right or wrong, he could've easily been DEAD WRONG! What was he thinking? Death by cop is far easier than depicted in movies. You can die for breathing if a cop feels your breaths are life-threatening. "He's got a breath! He's got a breath!" This is the world we live in. But this young man, had no regard for authority and no sensitivity to the fallen men before him.

His car was perpendicular to ongoing traffic and had broke through and was pressed against the guard rail. I have a strong feeling he didn't lose control because a gnat flew up his nose. It's true, some police officers are a little off these days. While some protesters, are a little fed up these days. And of course, some assailants are just guilty as fuck! So why not conform? Why not wear the silver bracelets, answer a few questions and LIVE?! Why be macho, gung-ho, head strong, irrational with an on-edge, shoot-to-kill law enforcement officer, when so many others have had life-ending results for being calmer? 

Are they pigs or are we apes?