Will The New iPhone X Create A Problem For Cheaters?

iphone X.png

So many thoughts run through my head.

I don't have it yet and my patience is running out. But I began thinking of all of our technological developments through the decades. We went from pay phones, to car phones, to Motorola cellular phones in a suitcase, Motorola flip (battery life 10 mins I swear), Star Tac, Sidekick, Razors, bricks and now super slick. High tech is an understatement for the smart phone. The smart phone that you must be very smart to navigate. 

Our phones do far more than we ever imagined and it's only getting better. But if you're a cheating ass, trifling ass (breathe... remember your breathing) if you're a cheater, the game has officially changed for you. It won't matter if you have Sideline or Google Voice, her/his name saved as Domino's Pizza, things are getting worse. 

Is it about time to sleep wearing a ski mask? Is it time for us ladies to rock a burqa in spite of our religious beliefs? As soon as you doze off, your snooping S.O. is gonna take that phone and put it in your face. Unlock! And the investigation begins.