Your MCM Wears A Man Weave

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So my last installment was almost $300 and my hair was $570. Yeah I'm high maintenance as fuck! I don't want to spend almost a G getting my hair did, but until Beyonce goes bald I'm going to be weavuhlicious. Now brothers, break it down to me. You want to spend as much money as we do? You want an extra stack going to your hair? You want to spend more than 30 minutes in the chair? What the hell?!

And are we (women) supposed to avoid touching your hair (or lack thereof)? Because I don't care how good the sex is, do not touch my hair! I don't care if you paid for the installment and the hair, don't touch my hair! But... now I can't touch yours either? Now you're high maintenance too! 

Also, am I suppose to respect you as my strong and tough protector when you're two steps from a press n' curl? Just saying. If brothers with hot dog packs (the 2-3 rolls at the nape) can rock the milk dud, why can't you?