Is Age Really Just A Number?

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Dating is a time to explore your likes and dislikes, what you will tolerate and what you will not. I have dated both ends of the spectrum. I have dated men my age range and I have dated older men and I must say I am happier with older men.  The men that I have dated in my age range are never looking for anything serious.  They say things like “I want to go with flow and let things happen organically”.  They never tell you what their true intentions are.  Younger men tell you what you want to hear, waste your time, play with your emotions, leave you in a situationships and broken.  Let’s not talk about the communication, have you ever texted someone and they respond an hour later? Or made plans and they never follow through?

The older man I dated was 15 years my senior.  He had all the qualities I wanted in a man.  He was established, no children, ambitious, great personality, and all the time in the world to spend with me.  He pursued me like a man should.  He was a man that matched me.  It is ideal to date and marry a man close to your age range, but If a man has all the qualities you want and need and he was a little older would you still date him? Are we selling ourselves short on a good man because of his age? 

The Advantages...

He is financially stable.  I don’t date men because of money, but it is nice when they can be a provider.  As you become more financially independent and confident in your career you want a mate that is likewise. 

No more texting games.  It is so refreshing to hear someone’s voice on the phone instead of texting a complete conversation.  And continued to call when he said he would and when we do text I get a respond quickly. 

He’s knowledgeable.  I won’t lie, a lot of older men have lived their lives when it seems like you are just beginning, but it can be helpful when you partner have experience in different situations in life that can help and guide you.  I will say dating older men opened me up to a new network of people that I would not have met and experiences I would have not taken.

Don’t let a man’s age stop you from finding love.  Learn to date outside the box and be open to new experience’s and opportunity you never know what will happen.

Fiana Moore