Any Hope For Monogamy? Sidepieces And Situationships

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I am not sure which is more stressful these days; looking and hoping to find a relationship or trying to maintain and manage one.

With the trends constantly changing, one particular trend seems to be causing the most uproar. Having a boo or bae on the side is the new must have or accessory of sorts. Monogamy, commitment and longevity seems to be going out of style at an alarming rate!
 It would appear that 3 out of 5 single people are experiencing the infamous old bait and switch. You meet that special someone thinking you are in or building a relationship only to find yourself in a situation-ship with minimal possibilities of ever securing a solid committed union.

With that being said, I wonder how has the current side piece culture affected you? Has it affected your ability to obtain and or maintain a quality relationship? Has the side boo forever changed relationships and the expectations?

Let’s be honest the side chic has been around since the beginning of time. From Moses, David, and Noah of the biblical days to that time when Barbra received a call from Shirley in the infamous R&B throwback song, “Woman to Woman”. However, over the past decade, the rise and popularity of the side chic has been incredible at best. Contrary to popular belief, the side chic appears to be winning at all costs. The media has focused so much attention on the matter it’s no wonder the trend has become mainstream.

Reality show features, (Love & Hip Hop ATL/NY) Instagram popularity, financial gain, rewarded the benefits of a relationship without having to do any work are just a few of the kick- backs. Last but not least, in some cases the side piece has been successful in dethroning the current wife!

Let’s take a look at a few high profile celebrities or television personalities to assist with making my point:

  1. Kevin and Eniko Hart
  2. Dewayne Wade and Gabrielle Union
  3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  4. Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys
  5. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
  6. Leann Rhimes and Eddie Cibria

Gone are the days when the side chic was on the sidelines, quietly waiting her turn for time and affection or being the dirty little secret.  No! Today the side chic knows her place, plays her position, flaunts her status has no shame and collects her coins. I have trouble reconciling this chaos.

I mean open relationship and polyamorist relationships are no longer taboo. It’s a subject widely discussed and many people are forthcoming regarding their lifestyle. Famed comedian, actress and radio host Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks recently disclosed they have an open relationship. For years, it has been rumored Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have an open marriage. Others that have not fallen by the wayside would include Demi Moore/ Ashton Kutcher and Robin Thick / Paula Patton.

So, how does a society that has evolved beyond the shame and secrecy from open and polyamorist relationships breed so much life into the side piece antics? And furthermore, is there any hope of obtaining a totally committed monogamous relationship in this era and current climate? 

For those who are in existing relationships, are you able to side piece proof your relationship?
Only time will tell if this current relationship trend has staying power or will eventually fade into the background.

Asha Black