The Trip Of Trips

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My favorite part of being a writer is experiencing. “To write you must live,” or at least that’s the excuse I give myself so I won’t feel as bad when I drop thousands of dollars on a two-week trip to Ireland. But let me tell you, it was worth it.

This idea came to me one night when I was staring into my journal. The blank page staring back at me, you know the feeling. I realized that I haven’t experienced anything worth writing about recently. I had love, lust, and lonely tucked well into my belt by now. But the yearning to travel was ever strong. And that’s what I did. I began my trip in June. I boarded my plan, passport in hand, butterflies in my stomach. That was a feeling I had missed. The excitement of living, the feeling of being alive.  

Ireland was a beautiful as ever. Everything was green and vibrant with life, people included. The natives were friendly, helping with directions and free bus tours. I received a pass to the Guinness Beer Factory, where every ticket came with a free pint! This interactive factory was a sight for the eyes, the stomach and the nose. Inside it has a restaurant, an aroma room (with three different stages and a taste test. On top of the free pint! I know!!!), and it shows you how Guinness makes their ever so famous alcohol. Talk about a very informative win-win situation.

Driving from city to city was probably one of my favorite things. The architect was amazing! Of course, the weather there is pretty predictable (cold and rainy, yes). But that didn’t stop the people from being cheery! The entirety of Ireland can be driven across in a total day!                                               

When in Ireland the two most common things you’ll see include: castles, and beer (pubs and drunken men could tie for a close third). I walked in and out of so many castles I was almost royalty in the end.

Sheep are pretty common in Ireland, as if you’d never guess. I watched two dogs herd some sheep in the freezing rain and extremely cold wind. While my fingers and toes were frozen for a few hours after, I enjoyed every moment of it. The intimate relationship between the dog and owner, where one whistle can mean stop, go, left and right. The dogs unwavering obedience and sheer dumbness of the sheep. I would fly back to Ireland right now to watch it again.

On the right is some sheep grazing, not the ones I watched, but sheep all the same. Below is a picture of me, a gnarly ram and the ram’s owner. It was without a doubt worth 2 euro.

Lastly, to conclude my trip and this article, I visited the waters and cliffs of Ireland. The most intense wind I have ever experienced. It was hard just to stand against it, but one of the most eye-blessing sights. Some days I imagine standing there, me and the wind, and the waters before us both. How perishable life is, how precious life is. But mostly, how utterly breathtaking life is.

And that, that is why I say you must experience to write. That’s why I booked myself a two-week long trip to Ireland. That is why my journal is now filled book cover to book cover. That is why this article is being written. That is why I’m telling you: Travel, you won’t regret it, because you will feel alive again.


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