White Privilege Or The Male Ego?

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So I’m on my way to work this morning, I’m listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, and Tom, Sherri, and Kim are talking about Matt Lauer. I didn’t hear the beginning of the show. I tuned in as Kim Whitley was talking about how Matt Lauer had a button at his desk that he could press to lock his office door. Yep. A secret button to remotely lock his office door. What the hell?!!

So whoever the woman is that made the claim stated that Matt locked the door behind her, came from behind his desk, and just dropped his pants. Matt is like “So yeah…nameless intern…I need you to fax these contracts, file these waivers, slob on this knob, and then get me some more coffee. Thanks.” Where they do THAT at?

What makes a man sit down and come up with the notion to have an office door that he can lock remotely? Someone help me find the non-creepy reason you would need that. Because all the reasons I’m coming up with are not good. How is it okay to lock a woman in your office against her will and then drop your pants and wait on a blow job? Is this something that White privilege that tells a man he can do that? Is it his job title and salary? Is it his position of power? Or that strong male ego that says conquer, devour, and take what you want? Help me understand y’all. For real.

I think about these highly paid athletes who were already showing superstar potential when they were 10. Once a parent or a scout sees this talent, they have laser focus on this kid. Why? Because if this kid is the real deal he’s gonna get paid one day. And if he gets paid, they get paid. So now the task at hand is to make sure he wants for nothing and that his path to stardom is smooth and problem-free. So now, from the age of 10 this young man has had people catering to him, pandering to his needs, jumping through hoops for him, fixing any problems he may find himself in, AND telling him that he’s a star, he’s great, he’s untouchable, the world is his, and it’s all about him. So now at age 23 we have a virile young man with a huge ego, an even bigger salary, and a mindset that the world is at his feet. Why wouldn’t he think that he can do whatever he wants? The same type of attitude could apply to Matt Lauer.

Matt isn’t an athlete. He is, or rather, he was, a highly-paid television personality. He’s been all over the world, he’s co-hosted the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics numerous times. He and his daughter were on Sesame Street. Y’all know it’s a big deal to be on Sesame Street! He appeared on Will & Grace as himself. He argued with Tom Cruise on national television. He even had his own little segment called “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” They flew this man all over the world and paid him millions to stand on The Great Wall of China and talk and smile. And back in 2012 he signed on with the Today Show for another 5 years to the tune of $25M per year. You ain’t fixin’ to tell me that Matt Lauer didn’t think he had some huge balls and could do whatever he pleased. And apparently he wanted someone to touch those huge balls and that’s why he’s now in trouble and jobless.

Did being a rich, White guy in America motivate his actions? Or did the male ego motivate his actions? Or was it both? I really don’t know. All I can do is wonder & speculate and jump to my own conclusions based on what the media is telling me. But what I do know is this. If he ever gets another job, they better build his office with some glass walls. 

L. Thompson