Relationship Problems? 5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail In Young Couples

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Relationships come and go. This is a fact of life that will never change. It has been said that people only enter your life for a moment. That they come to teach you lessons so that you can grow. Others say that through time people just grow apart. Everyone has a theory about the fragility of relationships and why many of them don't last. I myself just recently exited a seven-year relationship with someone who I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. No matter how I try to rationalize the time invested versus the outcome, it never makes sense. We were young gorgeous and working toward our goals. We were faithful to one another and loved each other very much.

I ended it.

Despite the love, great sex and overall comfort we had with each other, our relationship wasn’t working. At some point, we just stopped clicking. After about a two months, the writer in me kicked me out of my self-induced funk and I began to really examine what went wrong. What my investigation showed me was that it wasn’t just one but likely a combination of factors that lead us to our end. Below I have identified the top five reason why young couples don't succeed even when it seems that have everything working for them.

Complacency in the relationship

A lack of progression. That feeling of being trapped is a powerful poison in a relationship. Humans, especially those in their youth, need to feel like they're going somewhere. When you've been in a relationship for a length of time you can become comfortable. That comfort can lead to a lack of motivation to progress in relationships and careers. You both have to continue to stretch and grow while together to continue to reach goals and to just have fun. You have to constantly step it up because the moment you stop is the moment the relationship begins to die.

Extreme emotions

I can vouch for this. When I and my lady began, it was hot and heavy! Many days and nights spent locked away in my room with nothing but take out, movies and our naked bodies. There was so much passion in those early times when we were young and carefree. As time passed those high passion times came less and less and were soon replaced by high levels of aggression. When we were high, we were HIGH, and during our lows, we were damn near rock bottom. That roller coaster ride can be draining and time-consuming for many couples.


Though cheating is often a symptom of a larger issue, it is also the final nail in the coffin for many young couples. Cheating can stem from immaturity, deeper issues in the relationship, or a lack of respect for the relationship in general.  

Poor communication

Despite our lengthy relationship communication was always a major problem for us. Even though we shared possibly the most passionate moments of our lives together, our conversations were often awkward when face to face. Unfortunately, the passion covered up the glaring issue enough for us to ignore it. For a lot of couples, this is also true. Without the ability to communicate how are couples supposed to effectively work through issues?

It's all about the money

For many young couples, money is not a major factor at the start. That is because many relationships start with both individuals being in a similar position. But as the relationship grows, and the responsibilities each partner shoulders increases, money becomes a major factor. As a newly single individual, I myself am committed to one thing only, my career. Until I am able to provide myself with the lifestyle I have envisioned I will not latch onto another individual. The fact of the matter is money is the lifeblood of well being. Without it, you are opening yourself up to stress that many relationships can’t muscle.  

Bryant Lloyd