Are We Simply Too Far Gone?

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No, the title is not just click bait. It doesn’t matter what race you are or whether you are a man or a woman. More than likely, your mindset is messed up too. But, are we too far gone? Why are our minds so messed up? Well it’s simple – lack of confidence. I can hear it now, the … “I’m confident – I know I look good” when in reality it's more to it than that. Are you aware that you can literally achieve great things? Are you aware that you do not have to be mediocre? Are you living up to your FULL potential?

Limiting mindsets come from a long line of people or things messing with your mind. Molding your mind to make you believe that you have to be ‘regular.’ Molding your mind to make you believe that you cannot do whatever you want to do, you cannot be whoever you want to be, you cannot follow your dreams – you in fact have to follow the ‘system’. You know, go to school, get good grades, get an even better job and then retire! Travel the world??? What are you crazy! You can’t do that! Right?

I attended a self development course about two years ago and it changed everything. More specifically, it changed my outlook on life and myself. I learned that my mind was making up excuses and I was simply doing the regular stuff to have a ‘successful’ life. No one could tell me that there was a better way. No one could tell me that I could be anything I wanted to be because that just wasn’t the ‘right’ thing to do. I had to follow the system! It was more than necessary to be deemed successful. In reality though, that was just a belief but I was taught that it was a fact.

It’s time to unlearn these limiting or fixed mindsets. The answer is no, you are NOT too far gone. The goal moving forward, is to find an outlet. Whether it is a self development course, journaling or simply going to therapy. Find that outlet in order to work through your past issues. Find the core of the problem, and realize that all of those beliefs that were put onto you are really the beliefs of those people who were sharing them with you. Realize that it is not too late to do what your heart desires, regardless of how old you are. Tomorrow is always a new day and I realize I still have time to live out my dreams and so do you. Be happy, retrain your mind by any means necessary and go for whatever sets your soul on fire. It’s important, you are important.

Nakida Coore