Why Is The Service So Bad In Black-Owned Restaurants?


And you can't say you disagree? I am not alone. We may not agree on music, film, politics or religion, but we can ALL agree that our service sucks! The only thing we can't agree on, is why? 

I make it a point to patronize black-owned establishments. I want to support my people. I want to give them a fair shake. I want to see what our creative and crafty folks have come up with. But I've been terribly disappointed and I desperately want it to stop! Now, I've never waited tables. I've never been a bus boy, a chef, a prep cook or ran a kitchen. I don't know how hard it is, but I do know it's so much easier for other restaurants. 

And I bet if we did a survey on 100 of those restaurants, only 25% would have absolutely terrible service. If we did a survey on 100 black-owned restaurants, 90% would have absolutely terrible service. I know I'm pulling these numbers out of my ass, but I stand strong behind my statements. 

The terrible service is provided by the server. The server who didn't bring the waters, forgot to put the appetizer in, that we've lost for the 3rd time, failed to mention the kitchen is behind, brought out only some of our meals, forgot the silverware and is holding our check hostage, is responsible for our dining experience. Oh and what I just mentioned was from one encounter. Although, it's not alarming it's typical. And I, like you, was very forgiving because she at least smiled and apologized... A LOT.

We all know who's in charge of who. Obviously, the server reports to a manager that reports to another manager, and so on. And the buck stops at the owner. Ultimately it's the owner's responsibility of how his or her establishment runs. I have so many questions. Does the owner not care that their restaurant patrons are unhappy with the poor service? Or does the owner care less because he/she knows black people will return regardless of how bad the service is? Does the server not care because the lead server doesn't care? Does the lead server not care because the front house manager doesn't care? Wait... does the server not care because he/she knows black people don't tip well or at all? Because we know damn well, if that server was at any other establishment the performance would be so much better. 

I'm really at a lost!

I've heard various things from all sides. I was told by a server, black people don't tip! She also added, "...and they're the worst customers. Rude, ignorant with all these damn requests and don't tip shit!" Oooh! An owner said, "Our people got a lot of back talk to 'us' but won't part their lips to no one else... I don't owe you a job." 

To sum it all up, I'm going with one of the two scenarios. Scenario 1: The owner wants to make fast money not a legacy. I think s/he sacrifices longevity for a quick buck and that trickles down to the rest of the staff. Scenario 2:  The owner is a chef that has no fucking clue on how to run a lemonade stand, let alone a restaurant. And since s/he doesn't know, the owner is relying solely on a GM that just doesn't give a damn because it's not their restaurant. In either scenario we have the same results; poor service and we make it okay by accepting it as the norm.