We've experienced so much in such little time. It hasn't even been a year yet and your Charlotte In Crowd team has met, captured or interviewed a long list of fan favorites. Take a look at some of the people we've met.



Nick Grant is taking us back to the essence of Hip-Hop when lyricism mattered and skills were tested. And it's quite refreshing! In the age of mumble rap, rappers are falling in line instead of ruffling feathers. There's far more of it and anyone contesting it is often unheard of. Unless your Nick Grant.

I got a call from my girl Gellie to accompany her in interviewing Nick for her site. I was all for it until she said in [Durham for the Beats 'N Bars festival]. First thought, hell no I don't want to drive 15 mins let alone 2 hours! Second thought, can we use teleportation to get to Durham? I hate road trips but lucky for me, Gellie was cool and didn't mind my never-ending off-key singing.

We arrive in Durham and are navigating through the city when we spot Nick. No bodyguards, no boys, no entourage whatsoever, just strolling down the block in socks and slides. It would only be right to cat call Mr. Grant to see how he responds. Well he wasn't offended when I yelled "hurry up" and other demands. I knew then, the interview would be pretty cool. 

It most definitely was! Check it out.

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When you think of Mathew Knowles, you think of Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Solange and Jay-Z! It's normal. We associate people with people. It's natural and a part of our survival tactics. So of course, when I found out I'd be interviewing Mathew, for the HCIBD Entertainment Conference, those names popped in my mind as well.

To put it nicely, my interviews are a bit unconventional. I wing it! In this age of technology, we have information overload from far too many sources. Rather to conjure up what we know, or rather what we think we know about him, I chose instead to give Mathew a clean slate. Allowing him to discuss what he's most passionate about. In doing so, he inadvertently helped me discover what I'm most passionate about. 

I only wish Will (who captured these interviews) filmed me freestyling with Mathew as my hype man. Well I'll always have the story. 

This is truly one of my favorite interviews [thus far]. I do hope you enjoy it as much as Mathew and I enjoyed the conversation.  

Can I get an amen? 

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A humble dude from humble beginnings with a career that's far from modest. In 2014, Kay K shared with Source Magazine's Mr. Doin 2 Much his work at the time. 

"I’ve sold 30 million records worldwide, 5x Grammy nominated. 3 BET Awards and I’ve received the Visionary of the Year award. I’ve worked with artists such as Erykah Badu, Chico DeBarge, Troy Ave, Maino, Red Cafe, Uncle Murda, Nas, AZ, Brian McKnight, Joe, 702, Jim Jones, Cam’ron & Vado, Slaughter House & Joe Budden, The Game, Ron Browz, Chinah Blac and Dwayne Wiggins of Tony, Toni, Tone. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with executives in the music business such as Doug Morris, Monte & Avery Lipman, Steve Rifkind, Kedar Massenburg and Sylvia Rhone."

Since then, he's made more hit records including one of his own. Charlotte In Crowd got the exclusive preview of Kay K's new release"White Lines" and we love it!

Kay K is well known for having an 'ear' for great music, but who really gets his ear? His beautiful 7 year old daughter. And somehow he finds the time to walk her to school each day, as captured in The Kobie Chronicles

Take a look at my interview with one of my newest friends.

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I had the opportunity to sit down with 'Mama Lynn' at the HCIBD Entertainment Conference, and Lynn dropped some key knowledge for all!

Lynn M. Scott is the VP of Marketing at Warner Bros Records. She's previously worked as a VP of Marketing at Motown, Universal, Mathew Knowles' Music World Entertainment and was the VP of Artist Development for Flavor Unit back in the day. 

Lynn is a highly respected music industry veteran that gets the job done and comes with a host of accolades from her clients and peers. 

She's worked on projects for Erykah Badu, BeBe Winans, Kem, Dave Hollister, Nina Sky and is recently working with newcomer Marteen. Lynn lit up when discussing Marteen's new song "Sriracha."

With decades in the business, aspiring creatives can find inspiration in Lynn's advice. 

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How do you interview someone who's interviews everyone? Rea Davis has interviewed every celebrity you love and every celebrity you hate. And now I get to ask her the tough questions. Well, my interviews are never tough, so we spent most of it laughing like old classmates.

Rea Davis is an entertainment journalist and red carpet correspondent for

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Omara is an Atlanta-based entertainment attorney that drafts, reviews and negotiates entertainment contracts for major recording artists, producers, actors, record labels, managers and the like. Her clientele consists of heavy hitters you may have seen on Tyler Perry's House of Payne, The Braxton Family Values, Little Women, Gossip Girl to name a few.

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Lahteefah Parramore is the founder and CEO of INQUE Management. She's a seasoned financial executive with over 20 years experience in the entertainment, entrepreneurial and sports industries.


Kobie Brown is the Sr. Director of Music Licensing at Sony Records. In his spare time, he documents real world experiences, events and fatherhood with his media venture The Kobie Chronicles